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I live in Italy, where I was born in 1979. I took a degree in ‘Conservazione dei Beni Culturali’ in Viterbo, then I decided to dedicate myself to what was my passion: drawing. I completed a degree in Editorial Illustration in Rome and since then I have worked as an illustrator and graphic designer.

My work is a constant balance between personal and collaborative projects; over the years I’ve collaborated with both independent and, more recently, larger publishing houses.

My personal works are mostly focused on the human figure. Portraits are a door to investigate people and their inner soul. To do this I use different mediums and techniques, it depends on what I want to come out from the person I’m portraying in that precise moment. I draw digitally or manually, in this second case the mediums are graphite, ballpoint pen or ink and I often add details such as embroidering directly onto paper or editing them digitally, post production.

What unites my work is the balance I create between the figure and space, there is always a lot of space around the image to make it breathe and allow it to tell a story.

Lockdown works

During the lockdown I was working on a book which I can share at a later date – in the meantime, below you can find some drawings I made immediately after the COVID-19 lockdown.

_ This Is Not Reality Bites.

I realized an illustrated remake of the cult ‘90s movie Reality Bites for This Is Not A Love Song, an independent Italian publishing project with which I collaborate since 2015. These are some frames.

_ Personal Projects

As soon as I had some free time, I used it to finish some old projects, to start a new one and to just draw. The technique I used in this case is ball point pen:

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